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How to deal with burns
Rob Stewart
February 19, 2020

If you or someone in your house burns themselves, here are some immediate steps to take to minimse the impact of the burn.

  • Hold the burned area under cool (but not cold) running water for 10 to 15 minutes. Alternatively you can apply a clean towel that you’ve soaked with cool tap water.
  • If there are any tight items such as rings and bracelets on the burned area you should try to do remove these as quickly and gently as possible, as the burned skin will swell.
  • If you have small blisters (smaller than the size of your little fingernail) then don’t break them. If they do break, use gentle soap and water to clean it, then apply an antibiotic cream and cover it with a bandage that won’t stick (preferably gauze).

If you are at all concerned or if:

  • you develop large blisters,
  • the burn covers a large area of the body, or
  • if you notice signs of infection, such as oozing from the wound and increased pain, redness and swelling,

then you should come down and see us so that we can ensure you receive the appropriate medical care. Our acute service is open all hours to provide urgent care for patients.

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