Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions enable you to stay up to date with your medication, without needing to see your GP everytime you need to refill your prescription. 

There are four ways to request a repeat prescription:

 – Through your ManageMyHealth account

 – Fill out the prescription form below

 – Call our prescription line on 04 920 8843.

 – On one of the iPads at the medical centre.

A standard prescription will be ready to be collected within 2 days, although this may take longer if we need to get in touch with you. 

Standard Prescription Cost


Optional Extras

$5 discount for ordering via ManageMyHealth

- $5

Urgent prescription (only available over the phone)


Prescription faxed to your pharmacy


You can generally only refill your prescription once between seeing a GP or a nurse, so that we can make sure you medication is still appropriate.

If you need your prescription urgently or just need to talk to someone about your prescription, please call us on 04 920 8850 and choose to speak with a nurse. Urgent prescriptions incur an additional charge per the price table above.

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