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Upcoming redevelopment work
Rob Stewart
November 25, 2020

We're in the final stages of preparing for a significant redevelopment of Johnsonville Medical Centre inside the existing building. The aim of this work is to create more space for our general practice services, as well as continuing to bring in additional integrated services that support our community. We're also hoping that these improvements will help us to streamline how we can move and communicate in the building, allowing us to respond to your needs more effectively. This work is part of our ongoing Health Care Home programme.

As part of this work we will be moving our COVID-19 swabbing cabin across to the front corner of our carpark and running this as a walk-in service rather than a drive-through as we were previously. Thank you for your understanding with this change, and we will work hard as always to make this as simple a process as we can.

The area directly behind the building (to the north) will be blocked off as this will act as the staging area for our contractors. Please be careful around this area as there may be vehicles moving in and out of the contractor area.

There is also likely to be significant disruption within the practice at certain times over the new few months. We will be arranging when and how our staff work to minimise the effect of this on our patients and staff, but we appreciate your understanding during this time.

We are looking forward to getting these changes in place (as these were unfortunately delayed due to COVID-19) and bringing the benefits to you.

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