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Free pre-diabetes event on 18 June 2021
Marco Mollo
June 14, 2021
Picture of healthy foodPicture of healthy food

Kia ora, if you're enrolled with Johnsonville Medical Centre or Thorndon Medical Centre and have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes then you are warmly welcomed to a free group education session held at the Johnsonville Community Centre on 18 June at 1.30pm. The focus will be on healthy eating and making changes to our diet, specifically for pre-diabetes. This will be a 45-60 min interactive session with up to 12 people who all have pre-diabetes.

This session will be led by our in-house Dietitian, Marco Mollo. The aim of this event is for you to walk away with a better understanding of what pre-diabetes and diabetes are and have a basic understanding on what you should be eating to help manage your pre-diabetes and stop it in its tracks as to avoid it progressing.

Some of the topics covered will be weight management, eating smart carbohydrates as well as time and cost saving tips for eating better.

This is intended to be interactive however if you do not feel comfortable sharing with the whole group that is okay too. Alternatively, if you have questions you would like to ask this is a safe space to do so.  

We'd love to see you there; if you interested send us an email at and we'll reserve your space.

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