Farewell to Dr David Payne

Emily Williamson 12 September 2018
Farewell to Dr David Payne

Dr Payne's worked at Johnsonville Medical Centre since 2013 and we've enjoyed having him as part if the team. 

Patient's who were registered with Dr Payne's will have received a letter from us, confirming which GP has taken on responsibility for their care. At Johnsonville Medical Centre we work as a team to ensure that patient's can access care whenever required, however each patient also has a primary GP to ensure overall patient safety. This way patient's  can manage their own continuity of  care, and we will always work to support patient choice.

Those patient's without a relationship with another GP have been registered with Dr Frances Moore, an excellent GP who joined us in February this year and has built a loyal following since then.

If at any time you would like to change your registered GP, call us on 04 920 8850 and we're happy to update your records.

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