Saturday Appointments

Rob Stewart 05 March 2018
Saturday Appointments

One of the ways that we try to make it easier to stay healthier is by providing a wide range of appointments, so that you can access healthcare regardless of your situation. We've been doing this for years with our late nights, and we're now expanding this to include Saturday mornings as well.

We provide acute on the day GP appointments for enrolled patients who need urgent care. This means that if you or your family have an accident or acute illness you're able to come in and see a GP on the Saturday rather than having to go into the After Hours centre in Wellington.

Due to the nature of these appointments they are not intended for non-acute consultations, such as planning for longer term conditions or dealing with a number of concerns.

We also have Dr Ting Wang working on Saturday mornings, providing appointments which can be booked in advance like our weekday appointments. We’re adding these appointments to support people who need a general consultation with a GP but find it very difficult to get in to see us during our weekday hours. This is a component of our Health Care Home programme.

If you’d like to see Ting on a Saturday then simply ask on the phone when booking an appointment or look up a Saturday appointment when booking on ManageMyHealth. We’ll be offering these appointments on every Saturday we can.

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