Changes to Routine Prescription costs

Rob Stewart 25 July 2017
Changes to Routine Prescription costs

Over the past few years, we have worked hard to keep our repeat prescription charges at the same level. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to absorb the decrease in funding relative to costs, so, unfortunately, we need to increase our prescription charges.

From 1 September 2017, the cost of requesting a routine repeat script is increasing from $20 to $25 for prescriptions requested by phone, website or via the prescription mailbox, for those who are 18 or older.

Prescription requests sent via ManageMyHealth are still only $20. ManageMyHealth prescription requests can be dealt with directly by a GP, enabling us to keep this at the same cost. If you haven’t signed up for ManageMyHealth yet then come into the medical centre and we’ll get you signed up on the spot.

As we know that not everyone can access ManageMyHealth at home, we have the following exceptions so that no-one is penalised by this change:

  • Under 13 prescriptions are still fully funded as they were before.
  • Under 18 prescriptions are still $20 regardless of how they are requested.
  • If you are over 16 and have no way of accessing ManageMyHealth at home then please get in touch with us.

There is still an additional $5 charge for the following extras:

  • Having your scripts faxed to your local pharmacy
  • Scripts required on the same day

Fees are charged per prescription, as each prescription has to be separately reviewed and considered by one of our GPs.

If money is a barrier to you accessing healthcare, please get in touch with us as we may be able to access some additional funding to help with your costs.

How to minimise your prescription costs

  • Register and request repeat prescriptions via ManageMyHealth
  • Line up all of your regular prescriptions so you don’t have to request repeat prescriptions as often. Talk to us about this if you need help with this.

We are committed to providing innovative and flexible health services that support you and your family.

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