Changes to our team

07 June 2017
Changes to our team

We're lucky to have Dr Ting Wang returning to the team from next week. Ting is an excellent doctor as well as a fluent Chinese speaker and we look forward to welcoming her back.

Dr Sian Williams is also returning from maternity leave in July, and we know that many of our community will be happy to have Sian back with us again.

We’re pleased to be expanding the services we can offer, with Anna Kyle joining us as a clinical pharmacist to support patients with complex medications.

Unfortunately we're saying goodbye to Dr Esther Tilly, who is leaving us after nearly two and a half years with the team. Esther's final day with us is Friday 9 June, and we wish her and her family all the best with their move.

Dr Rachel Everitt is also leaving us in July. Rachel stepped in to help us while Sian was away and while we'd love to have her stay the lure of adventure is too much and we wish her well on her overseas travels.

Finally, our registrar Dr Aimee Norman has finished her rotation with us, and we welcome in Dr Anu Visvanath who will be with us until December.

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