Providing the HPV vaccine more people

Rob Stewart 01 March 2017
Providing the HPV vaccine more people

You may have seen the information coming out recently about the expansion of the HPV programme. This vaccine is now available FREE for everyone between the ages of 9-26.

The HPV vaccine is designed to protect you from HPV infection and HPV related cancers. HPV is a common virus and is transmitted through intimate contact.  Four out of five people will become infected with HPV at some stage in their lives. In most people, HPV is harmless. However, for some people infection by certain types of the virus can lead to diseases such as genital warts and HPV-related cancers like anal, cervical and vaginal cancer. Sadly, a number of people undergo painful treatment or die each year from cancers caused by HPV.

This vaccination will help to curb the spread of this virus and protect future generations from the potential risks, so we’re very supportive of the expanded rollout.

How do I get the vaccination?

All year 8 girls and boys will be offered the vaccination through the school based immunisation programme. All other eligible people can receive their HPV vaccination from us, and we’ll be actively contacting those who are eligible to let them know directly that they can get the vaccination.

To get the best protection you will generally need a course of three vaccines given over 6 months, which must be started prior to your 27th birthday. There are some variations to this but we can talk you through these individually if they apply to you.

If you’d like to started now then call us on 04 920 8850 and make an appointment. You can also get more information by calling us and speaking to one of our nurses, or by going to


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