Rob Stewart 30 November 2016

If you’ve been in recently you’ll have noticed that we’ve got some building going on in our back corridor. This has created a bit of noise and disruption so thank you for your patience.

As part of our Health Care Home changes we’re trying to make our waiting room a nicer environment, provide you with a better experience when you’re here, and also be more accessible on the phone. To help with this we’re making a better space by joining two rooms together. We’ll be moving all of our main phone lines into this new space, so that our telephonists and phone nurses can work together to answer your calls and provide the information you need better than ever.

Once this is complete we’ll no longer be answering calls at the front desk, which means no more confusion about whether we’re talking to you or whether we’re on the phone! We’ll also have more people answering the phone at peak times, so your call is answered faster.

This construction will also mean we can make better use of our consulting spaces, as we want to expand the services that we can offer. We want to enable you to spend less time in the hospital and more time living your life, and this work will help us do that.

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