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COIVD-19 Vaccinations are now available!
Rob Stewart
July 27, 2021
COVID-19 vaccine update textCOVID-19 vaccine update text

We are now underway with our COVID-19 vaccination campaign! Our Vaccination Popup in the Johnsonville Shopping Centre has shifted to the old Paper Plus site between Countdown and Muffin Break and we have our first week of vaccinating under our belt. Thank you to everyone who has been through the Popup for their patience as we finetune our processes. We’re working hard to give everyone as pleasant an experience as possible and the feedback has been great so far.

Thank you also for your understanding with our booking process. We had a slight delay in getting onto our proper system which meant we had to use an interim system for the first week, which slowed down our booking. We also had some small hiccups as we migrated to the new system, but we managed to vaccinate everyone affected so thanks for your understanding during the now completed process.

We are looking to open as many appointments as we can with our COVID-19 vaccination team, including both weekend days and evening appointments (initially Thursdays but hopefully more soon). This is to give everyone more options and make it as easy as possible to get your vaccines once you become eligible. We have appointments available to book now so if you haven’t booked already now's the time to do so.

Due to the logistical complexity of managing the COVID-19 vaccine, we are not currently vaccinating at Thorndon Medical Centre. We are hoping that this may become possible at some stage in the future, however we do not have any expected timeframe for this. Any patients who normally go to Thorndon Medical Centre are absolutely welcome to book their COVID-19 vaccinations at the Vaccination Popup in the Johnsonville Shopping Centre, however there are other options if you are unable to travel or live further away (see below).

How to book

There are two main ways to book: online and over the phone.

Booking online

Our Vaccination Popup is now accessible via the national online booking system, which means that if you are in Group 3 and have been sent a code you can got to, enter your code, select our Vaccination Popup from the list and book directly. This is by far and away the easiest way to book so if you’ve received the text then give it a go! We recommend anyone in Group 3 do this now to get in before these appointments are made available for Group 4.

If you live further away, you can still use the online system as you are also able to select a vaccination centre closer to you if preferred.

If you have already booked and want to change your appointments, head to

Booking over the phone

There are two phone numbers you can use to book over the phone:

Wellington number – 0800 714 200

National number - 0800 28 29 26

Both phone numbers will enable you to book into our Vaccination Popup; just confirm your eligibility, ask for Johnsonville and they’ll book you right in. They can also book into other vaccination centres as well if that works better for you.

Please note that our regular Patient Services Teams at Johnsonville and Thorndon can’t book your COVID-19 vaccinations at this time, so please don’t call the medical centres' main numbers to book an appointment.


Think you’re Group 3 but didn’t get a text with the code?

If you think you’re in Group 3 but you didn’t get a text or didn’t get the text with the code to book online, call one of the phone numbers above and they can provide advise as to whether you are eligible or not and book you in as applicable.

We are also working hard to call all our Group 3 patients as fast as we can however this is taking some time, so the two options above are preferable if you are keen to get your vaccinations.

Registered your interest on our website?

If you’ve registered your interest on our website, we are also working to get in touch with everyone on this list. You are welcome to book online or over the phone in the meantime, just let us know you have already booked when we contact you.

When does Group 4 start?

We expect access to Group 4 bookings to start soon, however this will be rolled out in age bands, i.e., 60-64, then 50-59 and so on (subject to confirmation). As soon as you are eligible you can book at our Vaccination Popup using any of the methods above.

Questions about the vaccine?

If have questions about the COVID-19 vaccination and want more information then we recommend both and

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